cat family

Cat training
When do you need to start training? Many believe that the training of cats is an absolutely impossible thing, because these animals simply do not give in to any exhortations.…

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10 reasons to take a cat from a shelter
So, you decided to have a cat at home. You would like to change the habitual way of life in the direction of a small chaos. Fur mice and bows…

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Sound language

Why does it say “meow”?
Despite the fact that the cat expresses most of its emotions with the help of gestures and facial expressions, this animal is still not deprived of its voice, although it uses it most often to emphasize its feelings and sensations. The main way to express them is to purr cats, although there is a whole range of other sounds (from hiss to scream in raised tones), which can also be learned to interpret. Continue reading

Caring for a cat after giving birth

Cat after childbirth: watch carefully
The postpartum period of any cat begins immediately after all the kittens were born. The cat after childbirth is usually relaxed and sleeps a lot, and your task is to ensure her peace as much as possible. First of all, feel the cat’s tummy and make sure that all kittens are born. If you can not do it yourself, better consult a doctor. Also, beware of the animal. If the behavior of the cat after giving birth is alarming, immediately invite a veterinarian!
Especially you should be alerted by the following signs: increased salivation, anxiety, loss of coordination of the animal, a sharp rise in temperature, convulsions. Continue reading

Childbirth and help at birth

Childbirth at a cat: preparation
The birth of a cat is an event that is important not only for itself, but also for its owner. And it depends on you at this moment whether your pet will easily give birth, and whether she and her kittens will suffer in this process either.
Helping a cat in childbirth begins with the preparation of the place where the “nest” of the young “family” will be in the future. To do this, choose either a special cat’s house, or just a clean cardboard box, which at the same time should not have any odors and be spacious enough. The walls of the box should be high, on top of it you need to cover the lid, and at the level of the chest of the animal you need to cut through a convenient entrance so that the cat can easily climb into its shelter. Continue reading

Care for a pregnant cat

How long does pregnancy last in cats?
Definitely, the question of how long a pregnancy lasts in cats cannot be answered. The term can fluctuate within 9 weeks, and for long-haired breeds the pregnancy of a cat lasts longer than for short-haired ones: in the first case it is usually 63-72 days, in the second – 58-68.
In addition, the gestation period in cats also depends on the number of kittens: if there are more than five, then the birth may be early, but if it is less, the time is on the contrary delayed. It is considered normal that a cat’s pregnancy may take a week, but if kittens are born a week earlier than expected, they may not survive. Continue reading

What is sterilization?

Sterilization – deprivation of the animal’s ability to reproduce. The most reliable and safe method of sterilization (actually castration) is ovariohysterectomy. During the procedure, both ovaries and uterus are removed, which significantly reduces the risk of breast tumors (including malignant) and completely eliminates the likelihood of ovarian pathologies (oncology, cysts, etc.). In addition, the removal of the uterus eliminates the likelihood of many deadly diseases of this organ. It is recommended for all cats that have reached reproductive age (even if the cat had estrus only once), older animals, cats and pets who have congenital or acquired uterus disease.
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Cat care
Care for cats with long hair is primarily a regular combing. If the long-haired cats are not properly cared for, the wool falls down very quickly, which threatens not only…


White cat
A pure white cat is magic! So consider not only modern happy owners of such animals - even our ancestors were sure of it. Already in ancient Egypt, white cats…

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How to teach a kitten to the toilet
Teaching a kitten to the toilet Kitten sellers often boast that the kitten you buy is accustomed to the pot, but in fact, teaching the kitten to the toilet turns…


Sound language
Why does it say "meow"? Despite the fact that the cat expresses most of its emotions with the help of gestures and facial expressions, this animal is still not deprived…