Kitten rearing
Kitten rearing: first steps From the very first moments of the appearance of a kitten in your home, you must clearly understand what exactly it can do and what it’s…

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Abyssinian cat
The Abyssinian cat is remarkably similar to the images of cats that can be seen in ancient Egyptian frescoes. Therefore, many breeders like the legend that these cats are descendants…

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first domestication

Shows domestic mongrel cats

Most of the cats living with a person under the same roof are courtyards of the Murka who do not have any documents and regalia. However, the stars of the feline world, the owners of prestigious titles and brilliant cups are purebred lucky women whose pedigree their owner can envy. Are our Vaska and Alice less worthy of attention than pedigree cats? Of course not! And in confirmation of this, almost all felinological organizations regularly hold exhibitions of domestic cats, so that their owners have the opportunity to show baleen noblewomen in all their glory.
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Cat teeth care

One of the main concerns of any cat owner is to care for the teeth of his pet. This is extremely important, because cats can also have serious problems with their teeth, and if you do not give the cat proper attention, the consequences can be sad.
What you need to know?
Kittens are born without a tooth, and only when they are about 2 weeks old do the first incisors erupt. Baby teeth in cats appear only at 8-12 weeks, and only after that the animal can begin to eat fully. The total number of milk teeth – 26 pieces, and among them:
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Care for newborn kittens

Newborn kittens: care properly
Caring for a newborn kitten is perhaps no less a matter of responsibility than caring for a baby! When a kitten is born, it is blind and deaf, but it has a very sharp sense of smell and smell, therefore, from the very first hours of its life, it begins to look for the mother’s nipples, and on the fourth day – to stimulate the milk supply with its paws. In this situation, in no way case you can separate a kitten from a cat, because it can harm both him and his mom, who may have mammary glands. If newborn kittens without a cat hit you, you will have to nurse them yourself, and you need to approach this very responsibly.
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Mekong Bobtail
Legends about the cat's mysterious adventures of incredible beauties and beauties with dark muzzles, legs and tails, guarding the treasures in the temples and palaces of the Ancient City (Siam),…


The weirdness of cats
Cats: oddities and secrets Threw the cat from the chair - ruined karma. This saying is common today in many countries of the world, and this is not a joke…

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Turkish Angora
Nowadays, due to the diversity of different breeds of cats, very little attention is paid to such a breed as the Turkish Angora. At exhibitions it is very rare to…


Caring for a cat after giving birth
Cat after childbirth: watch carefully The postpartum period of any cat begins immediately after all the kittens were born. The cat after childbirth is usually relaxed and sleeps a lot,…