The weirdness of cats
Cats: oddities and secrets Threw the cat from the chair - ruined karma. This saying is common today in many countries of the world, and this is not a joke…

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How to choose a breed
How to choose a cat? This decision must be serious! Therefore, if you are wondering how to choose a cat, you should pay attention to several aspects at once. The…

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amazing skin

Caring for a cat after giving birth

Cat after childbirth: watch carefully
The postpartum period of any cat begins immediately after all the kittens were born. The cat after childbirth is usually relaxed and sleeps a lot, and your task is to ensure her peace as much as possible. First of all, feel the cat’s tummy and make sure that all kittens are born. If you can not do it yourself, better consult a doctor. Also, beware of the animal. If the behavior of the cat after giving birth is alarming, immediately invite a veterinarian!
Especially you should be alerted by the following signs: increased salivation, anxiety, loss of coordination of the animal, a sharp rise in temperature, convulsions. Continue reading

Care for a pregnant cat

How long does pregnancy last in cats?
Definitely, the question of how long a pregnancy lasts in cats cannot be answered. The term can fluctuate within 9 weeks, and for long-haired breeds the pregnancy of a cat lasts longer than for short-haired ones: in the first case it is usually 63-72 days, in the second – 58-68.
In addition, the gestation period in cats also depends on the number of kittens: if there are more than five, then the birth may be early, but if it is less, the time is on the contrary delayed. It is considered normal that a cat’s pregnancy may take a week, but if kittens are born a week earlier than expected, they may not survive. Continue reading

Ginger cat

Ginger cat: a sign of happiness
Even in ancient times, it was believed that the red cat is the support and hope of all the suffering and sick. It was the red cats and cats that were considered to be real advocates (sometimes magical properties were attributed to them), and later they were even elevated to the rank of healers: it was believed that if the red cat started to take care of the patient, the latter would recover much faster after the operation or serious illness.
Moreover, cats with such an amazing color are also called gold: people letting in the house of such a “solar” beast are sure that it will bring joy and fun for all households, and at the same time wealth, which is symbolized by its red hair. Continue reading

Raising cats
How to raise a cat? First of all, remember the most important thing: raising cats requires patience and sincere love. Upbringing must assume a constant - friendly, but persistent! -…


Cat in the house: how it affects the upbringing of the child?
Statistics show that in every second apartment there are pets, and these data do not include the private sector, where there are even more such animals. Many people just need…

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Cats in history: the secrets of the ages
The fact that we owe the appearance of cats to Ancient Egypt is almost not a secret to anyone. This country is officially considered the birthplace of these wonderful animals,…


Feeding the cat
Proper nutrition of the cat In all conditions, the cat's food must be organized with the utmost care. This implies that the cat's diet should necessarily include natural ingredients, and…