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Preparation for the exhibition
The first exhibition is always an exciting event. The owner has a lot of questions, because you need to take into account every little thing. Where do you start your…

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Mekong Bobtail
Legends about the cat's mysterious adventures of incredible beauties and beauties with dark muzzles, legs and tails, guarding the treasures in the temples and palaces of the Ancient City (Siam),…

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Day of the exhibition: registration, examination, rings

The first trip to the exhibition is always fraught with some bustle, uncertainty and fear. An inexperienced owner is lost in a crowd of people, in the ranks of the enclosures, amid noise and din: where to go first, where to leave things, what table can I take? So that confusion does not put to enjoy the trip, it is advisable to know in advance how cat shows are held.
The article describes the exhibitions on the WCF system, since under the auspices of this particular felinological organization most of the exhibitions in Russia and the near abroad are held. Continue reading

Preparation for the exhibition

The first exhibition is always an exciting event. The owner has a lot of questions, because you need to take into account every little thing. Where do you start your show career?
Let’s skip the stage of buying a future star, this is a separate topic. So, the owner of the cat decides to expose his darling. But how to get to the cat show, where to go for the necessary information, where to find the schedule of cat shows? First you need to call the breeder and clarify whether the cat is registered in any club and on what system this club works. If not, the owner will have to choose the system in which he will exhibit his pet. If so, he will have another choice – follow the breeder’s advice or contact a third-party club. Continue reading

Shows of cats, cats and kittens: to be or not to be?

Almost every owner of a pedigree cat thinks at a certain moment: “Shouldn’t we go to the exhibition?”. But the majority rejects this thought, because with it a lot of questions arise: where is the cat show, can our darling take part, why bother to spend time on this event? Let’s start with the main thing.
Why do clubs organize exhibitions?
The organizers of the exhibition have many goals and objectives:
tribal animal show. Experts who give an assessment of a particular cat do not just bring joy or disappoint the owner. In this way, decent producers are selected, there is an improvement in the breed as a whole, breeders’ mistakes are identified and the right direction is set. Continue reading

The weirdness of cats

Cats: oddities and secrets
Threw the cat from the chair – ruined karma. This saying is common today in many countries of the world, and this is not a joke at all! For example, the passionate cat lovers, the British really believe that they should not drive the sleeping animal out of its place, and they will not forgive you, even if you do so, to make room for themselves! However, despite the fact that such a “trick” with a cat should not be done, you can be sure that the animal will not be offended at all. The cat’s ability to quickly find another place and easily fall asleep on it is an oddity that many owners of these animals have noticed. And this oddity is not the only one! Continue reading

Cat tricks

Communication with the cat: cat tricks
Many cat owners, when communicating with their pet, notice that the animal does not always express its emotions and requests directly. Very often it demonstrates mysterious gestures and postures that are not so easy to explain, so the owner often becomes stumped, not understanding what the pet wants. However, it is enough to observe the cat carefully, and it will become clear what exactly its unusual cat tricks mean.
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The origin and domestication of cats
Many argue that the first cats were tamed and domesticated by the ancient Egyptians, but there is no general opinion on this matter. It is believed that the history of…


Caring for a cat after giving birth
Cat after childbirth: watch carefully The postpartum period of any cat begins immediately after all the kittens were born. The cat after childbirth is usually relaxed and sleeps a lot,…

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Bengal cat
Bengal cats are a unique breed, obtained by a hybrid way. In the forests of India, China, Thailand, and the Philippines, Felis Bengalensis has long been living - animals from…


Shows domestic mongrel cats
Most of the cats living with a person under the same roof are courtyards of the Murka who do not have any documents and regalia. However, the stars of the…